Okay currently on Facebook there is this ‘Body Swap’ craze going on and Marlands now has Italy’s body-

I have messed with something I shouldn’t have and am sorry-

A little sneak preview here~ This cane will be part of Halloween costume design I will have Marlands wear on the spooky holiday >:3

(( Just experimenting with a new art style- ))

» Of course Marlands gets plenty of admirers

They just aren’t of the same species…



"It’s best you leave, unless you want to die-"

Come to think of it, there were some things I was supposed to do—


(( And this is why she doesn’t have many friends XD Sorry about that ))

"It’s best you leave, unless you want to die-"

(( Here you go~ I’m surprised there is someone else who likes this ship ^_^’ ))


Commission for ask-marlands899, her OC Marlands.

More commission info here.

"No, but please explain this. Why is it as soon as you got here and spoke, letters have discovered how to fly? Also refrain from honking, children might hear and mimic

Invading fandom omg XD