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“Fairly well, as long as he remembers not to drink”

 Friendship status: Currently neutral as long as no alcohol is consumed 

Marlands Cosplays (fully coloured)

Done with the help from cherubgem

The artist is currently offering commissions so if you are interested please do check her work out! 

Marlands cosplaying as Bayonetta~


Commission by ask-marlands899

The chibi headshot is really an blinking icon which can be found here.

If interested in commissioning me, my info is found here.

Today will bring sadness to many. Good people were harshly taken away from loved ones and America was thrown into a pit of fear and despair. Even though, despite the darkest hours, such bravery, consideration and humanity acts were on display. The attack was meant to break the people down, and they have failed. The people were knocked down, but only stood up again. United and stronger than ever before.

May the souls rest with ease and watch over those who shed tears, May those affected have closure and live out their lives and may we never forget. 

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New Avatar image~ 

Yet again I’ve been playing around with doodles and paint.net and came up with this ^_^’ Hope it is to your liking!

((Another awesome commission done by mano-chan >w< ))

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