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Russia’s new found fear


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I can imagine a haunted home only being dubbed haunted because Marlands is a resident there XD Like every time someone enters they see supernatural happens and runs away screaming but it’s only Marlands just doing her thing 

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God Only Knows
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Yes I think I might be getting closer to Marlands’ voice! What do you guys reckon?

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» The Gift

After much convincing Arthur decided to not cook something for Marlands but instead purchase something. Knowing the nation had a fondness for owls when these handmade cuties were found they were quickly purchased. 

The reason for the sudden act of generosity? Well despite Arthur getting nagged at by a nation with lesser global power and height, he has already been protected and taken care of. Behind that emotionless mask Marlands was quite caring but could only express it through actions, this range from cooking meals to comforting the Brit when he was tortured with loneliness.

“There…now we are even” the arrangement was set and everything was ready yet the Brit continues to grumble.
“It isn’t like I enjoy getting you things…these just matches the colour scheme of the living room”
He continued but quickly silences himself as the sound of front door being unlocked could be heard. With haste Britain hides, allowing the surprise to be quietly discovered.


"Arthur?" Marlands called out.

"Arthur?" She tried again but yet again there was no reply. This was very odd as it was around this time the Brit would have his usual one of many tea breaks. Puzzled to the whereabouts the Marlandian was about to search the home but something stops her, it was the eight owls neatly laid out on the chair in the living room.

For a moment she just stands there, doubting what the eyes was seeing or the information the brain processed. No it was definitely owls, eight tiny owl cushions made from different coloured fabrics which oddly enough did suit the colour scheme of the living room. Knowing Arthur he will likely use the colour scheme as an excuse for buying the owls.

With care one of the owls was examined, looked upon with eyes as lively as a stone. The cushion didn’t need to worry, it wouldn’t be harmed by nation with an intimidating presences. In fact it was soon clinched with gentle hands.

Watching from the hallway a mighty big smile of pride and maybe even contentment pasted onto Britain’s face; Marlands had liked the gift but now he had to make sure an excused was planned explaining why the owls was bought as well as why he didn’t reply to Marlands’ calls. 

It wasn’t usual for Marlands to get such a letter; usually all that was sent to her desk was documents from work, hate mail or really bizarre questions that made her question if the human race really was making progress. 

So this letter not only offered a little enlightenment to a day dedicated to work but also allowed a new form of friendship to possibly form. 

So regarding the question, it looked like a strong yes. But Marlands needed time to think things over. 

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